A world where young people can have hope for a bright future regardless of their background


Establish a nurturing digital infrastructure for underprivileged middle and high school students

The Problem and the Challenge CLACK is tackling
1 in 7 children lives in poverty in Japan.

A society where poverty perpetuates

Parental income influences children’s education and future employment prospects, leading to income disparities in adulthood.
CLACK aims to break the cycle of poverty that spans generations.

Parental Income and University Enrollment Rate

10 to 12 million yen


about ½ times

Less than 4 million yen


*From the Tokyo University “High School Student Career Tracking Survey” (2011)

Education and Non-Regular Employment Rate

University Graduates


about 2 times

High School Graduates


about 1.5 times

Middle School Graduates


*From the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare “Employment Situation of Young People Survey” (2013)

Income Disparity Based on Employment Type

Regular Employment Average

5.03 million yen

about 1/3 times

Non-Regular Employment Average

1.75 million yen

*From the National Tax Agency “Survey of Actual Wages in the Private Sector” (2019)
Cycle of Poverty

Our Solutions

Support information doesn't reach those in need, and goes unnoticed

We collaborate with middle and high schools to ensure that support information reaches its intended students.

Missed opportunities due to financial constraints

We provide assistance with participation fees and transportation costs to overcome financial barriers.

Lack of Confidence

Through interactive workshops, we foster self-confidence by providing enjoyable learning experiences where participants realize their own potential.

Our Approach


Outreach to teenagers


Digital Gathering Space “Yodogawa-base”

A place where local teenages can digitally play and learn with other playmates in a physical place like a "secret base" outside of school and home.


Programming Experience Workshop

students/teenagers experience programming and IT while having fun, and we make it easier to connect them with support.


Programming learning support

Tech Runway

Tech Runway

students/teenagers grasp the opportunity to change their lives through three months of programming learning and career education.

Tech Runway+

Tech Runway +

Tech Runway and Tech Runway Camp graduates have the option to learn more specialized content over three months.


Pre-working support


Be Pro

students/teenagers acquire specialized skills tailored to existing IT services in three months and prepare for employment.



​​​​Advancing to higher education or employment

students/teenagers leverage their learning and practical experiences to move towards independence, including advancing to higher education or employment, and internships or part-time work at IT companies.

Number of Graduates with Self-Sufficiency Skills

Programming Experience Workshop



Tech Runway



Tech Runway+



As of March 2024
Message from Chairman

Empowered teenagers who have developed the "ability to overcome adversity" at CLACK become relatable role models for the next generation.

Greetings. I am Daiki Hirai, Chairman of the certified non-profit organization, CLACK. I founded CLACK because I personally experienced financial hardships during my middle and high school years.
When I was in middle school, my parents’ restaurant went out of business. This, combined with their divorce, led to financial struggles in my high school days and forced me to give up on various opportunities. I had no one to talk to about the financial challenges at home and the hardships of growing up in a single-parent household.
Nevertheless, with the support of those around me, I managed to enroll in a public university. After entering university, I became involved in educational support for middle and high school students facing financial difficulties, abuse, and other challenges for over three years with the desire to help those in situations similar to mine. However, I felt that there were aspects that couldn’t be fostered solely through academic support or providing a sense of belonging.
What I realized is that they need the resilience to navigate life independently in the future. Providing temporary support to teenagers in difficult situations won’t be sufficient if they haven’t developed the fundamental ability to overcome adversity. Without this foundation, they might stumble in their future paths. It was with this in mind that I arrived at the idea of using digital technology to provide mentorship and support, helping teenagers facing various difficulties acquire the expertise and wisdom to persevere necessary to achieve their goals.
Many teenagers burdened by financial constraints, family discord, and personal developmental traits have been conditioned to believe that they can’t achieve anything, that their efforts will be futile. They lack hope and enthusiasm for their future. To restore hope, it’s crucial for them to be aware of the choices they can make for their future and to believe that these choices are achievable.
To achieve this, they need to learn about the available options and the methods to realize them. It’s also crucial to be aware of people in their surroundings who have pursued the choices they aspire to. Without these two components, young people’s dreams and goals might remain unattainable fantasies in many cases, and they might lose hope entirely in the worst cases.
Through CLACK’s support, these teenagers acquire the skills to pave their own way in life. They become role models for the next generation of young people facing similar challenges. At CLACK, we’re creating this cycle of hope throughout Japan.
Daiki Hirai
Certified Non-Profit
Organization CLACK

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